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Joel MohrenThe effect of surface cover on Earth-shaping processes and the impact of climate and climate change on the formation of topographyT. Dunai
Lena FechtnerRefinement of an in-situ 14C extraction method and its application (working title)T. Dunai 
N. A. Lifton
Benedikt RitterLandscape evolution and earth surface processes in arid to hyperarid climates with special focus on the Atacama Desert (working title)T. Dunai
M. Melles
Daniel SperlFallout radionuclides as environmental tracers for soil erosion studies (working title)T. Dunai
V. Vanacker (Univ. Louvain)


Ariane Binnie

The Quaternary uplift history along the coast of northern Chile revealed by cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating of marine terraces

T. Dunai

R. Kleinschrodt

Björn DittmannDevelopment and production of AMS Standard Materials (Pu, Mn-53) and their applicationsE. Strub, T. Dunai


Hendrick WieselBestimmung der langlebigen kosmogenen und anthropogenen Radionuklide 10Be, 26Al, 137Cs, 238Pu, 239Pu und 240Pu in Umweltproben mittels BeschleunigermassenspektrometrieH. H. Coenen
T. Dunai