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Maxwell Thiemens

 +49 221 470-89867

Telefax +49 221 470-5199

E-Mail: m.thiemens(at)uni-koeln.de

Research interests

  • Geochemistry / Cosmochemistry
  • Geochronology / Cosmochronology
  • Earth as an evolving, geochemical system


  • Zn and C isotopic evidence of climatic change during the Marinoan. 2011 Oral Presentation: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
  • Zn and C Isotopic Variations Associated with Neoproterozoic Ice Ages 2012 Poster Presentation: Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
  • Multi-Isotopic Comparison of Namibian Marinoan Cap Carbonates 2012 Poster Presentation: Fermor Meeting of the Geological Society of London
  • An overview of Zinc isotopes and their applications to the Snowball Earth 2013 Oral Presentation: Invited speaker by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Ti Isotope Heterogeneities among Chondrules 2013 Oral Presentation: Paneth Kolloquium
  • Multi-Isotopic Dating of West Eifel Xenoliths 2015 Poster Presentation: Goldschmidt Conference
  • West Eifel xenolith analyses via multiple isotopic systems 2015 Oral Presentation: Geoberlin Conference
  • Multi-Isotopic Analysis of West-Eifel Xenoliths 2015 Poster Presentation: American Geophysical Union
  • Multi-Isotopic Analysis of West-Eifel Xenoliths 2016 Poster Presentation: DMG Sektionstreffen
  • Extended HFSE systematics of Apollo samples – wrenching further Secrets from the Lunar Mantle 2016 Poster Presentation: American Geophysical Union