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Dr. Markus Pfeifer

 +49 221 470-89866

E-Mail: m.pfeifer(at)uni-koeln.de

Scientific interests

Geochemistry and geochronology

  • U-Th disequilibrium series dating of evaporate minerals in environments at the dry limit
  • Climate and related secondary ore deposits history of the Atacama desert, Chile
  • Evaluation of evaporites as a tool in geochronology and paleoclimate
  • Gypsum geochemistry as a potential proxy for paleoenvironmental reconstruction


  • Ta isotope composition in meteorites, their components, and potential isotope fractionation
  • Solar System origin and early evolution deduced from
  • Nucleosynthetic anomalies in heavy elements (especially proton-rich nuclei) and the potential carrier phases in meteorites
  • Irradiation effects in meteoritic components inherited from the nascent sun
  • CAIs as time capsules of conditions and processes in the earliest Solar System

Analytical expertise

  • Measurement of precise and accurate Ta isotope ratios
  • Development of high-precision protocols for isotope ratio measurements by implementing high-gain 1013 Ω resistors amplifiers attached to Faraday cups (e.g., REE, Ta)
  • Improvement of precision and accuracy in U series dating
  • Evaluation of absolute isotope ratios and half lives
  • Refine protocols for ultrapure elemental separation necessary for isotope analyses (e.g., REE, Ta)