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Dr. Silke Mechernich

 +49 221 470-3196

Telefax +49 221 470-5199

E-Mail: s.mechernich(at)uni-koeln.de

Raum 1.16

Some previous and ongoing research

Methodological developments
  • Development of interlaboratory calibration material for cosmogenic 36Cl
  • Improvement and evaluation of investigation methods suitable for bedrock fault scarp evolution
Earthquake recurrence and rates of faulting
  • Fault scarp profiles using total station, dGPS, and hand-held laser locators
  • Palaeoseismic trenching and balanced restoration of deformed layers
  • Cosmogenic nuclide sampling of bedrock fault planes
  • Numerical modeling of slip rates and earthquake recurrence intervals
Subduction zone geodynamics (Japan trench)
  • Vertical deformation on different timescales: GPS and leveling data, coast indention index, marine terraces
  • Creeping/locking of the slab and paleoearthquake magnitude estimation
Surface weathering processes
  • Relative dating using, structure from motion photogrammetry and t-LiDAR data analysis
Dating of quaternary deposits
  • 10Be and 36Cl exposure dating of fluvial, alluvial and tsunami deposits using different sampling strategies (material: bedrock, boulders, pebbles, sand; method: single clasts, amalgamation, depth profiles)
  • 10Be and 36Cl exposure dating of glacial advances for paleoclimate reconstructions in ArcGIS. Projects in Macedonia (FYROM) and Slovenia
  • Optical stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of buried layers
  • 14C dating of organic remnants
Metamorphic petrology of Alpine shear zones
  • Rhodope Massiv (N’ Greece, S’ Bulgaria): field mapping, shear sense criteria, EMPA measurements, Raman microdiamond detection, TheriakDomino phase diagrams, pTt-path reconstruction

Teaching and Supervising Experiences

Supervision - Universität zu Köln
Teaching - Universität zu Köln
  • Quantitative Erdoberflächenprozessstudien, SS 2016, 2017 (together with Dr. Binnie)
  • Landschaftsbildende Prozesse, BSc., WS 2015/2016, WS 2016/2017
  • Cosmogenic Nuklides Laboratory Methods, MSc. WS 2014/2015 (together with Dr. Binnie)
  • Spezielle Themen in quantitativen Erdoberflächen Prozessen, MSc., SS 2014, 2015 (together with Dr. Binnie)
Teaching - WWU Münster
  •  Übungen zur Vorlesung "Die Erde" (Rock recognition and genesis) B.Sc., WS 2011/2012 (2 classes)
  •  Alpentraverse: Exkursion und Kartierung, 7 days, M.Sc., SS 2008 (together with Prof. Hezel)