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Institutskolloquium im WiSe 2018/19

jeden zweiten Dienstag (gerade KW) um 17 Uhr - gegebenenfalls Zusatztermine

  • 09.10.2018 Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun (Uni Köln) The InSight mission - a geophysical observatory on Mars
  • 23.10.2018 Charlotte Miller (MARUM, Bremen) The southern westerlies and local insolation as drivers of Late Quaternary climate variability in eastern South Africa
  • 06.11.2018 Thomas Wagner (RWTH Aachen) Metals in ore-forming hydrothermal systems
  • 13.11.2018 James Scott (University of Otago, New Zealand) Formation and stabilisation of teh Earth’s 8th continent, Zealandia
  • 13.11.2018 Hans-Jürgen Weyer (BDG) Sonderkolloquium zu Arbeitsmarktchancen
  • 20.11.2018 Eberhard Gischler (Uni Frankfurt) The Blue Hole of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize: a late Quaternary archive of environmental and climate change
  • 18.12.2018 Sven Hartenfels (Uni Köln) Famennium (Oberdevon) – das „goldene Zeitalter“ der Conodonten
  • 15.1.2019 Wolfgang Müller (Uni Frankfurt) - Palaeoenvironmental archives read at very high time-resolution with (cryo-cell) LA-ICPMS: applications to Greenland ice cores and giant clams
  • 29.1.2019 Robin Fentiman (Uni Fribourg) - The role of benthic foraminifera in present and past cold-water coral ecosystems

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