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Expedition to Patagonia and King Georg Island (02/2015)

Expedition Lena 2014 (07-09/2014)

Research on Siberian permafrost soils

International Permafrost Association (IPA) - Country Reports 2014

University of Cologne: The group of Janet Rethemeyer at University of Colo- gne continued its investigations of organic carbon dy- namics in the polygonal tundra soils of the Lena-Delta (Siberia) using lipid biomarker and radiocarbon analyses. While the group‘s previous expeditions into the Siberian Lena Delta focused on the turnover and storage of organic matter in the active layer, this year's expedition had the goal to obtain information on the export of dissolved (DOC) and particulate or- ganic carbon (POC) from the polygonal tundra soils into the Lena River. To obtain a comprehensive view on the export of DOC and POC different sites in the Delta were sampled at different times, i.e. at the be- ginning and end of the summer season. Two PhD students (Stephan John and Matthias Thienemann) carried out the fieldwork from July until September 2014 while being based at the new Samoylov Island Research Station. Samples were obtained from soil pore water and from discharge channels of Kurungnakh and Samoylov Islands draining into the Lena River. In a broader context, this year‘s sampling stra- tegy complements the efforts of Gesine Mollenhauer‘s group at AWI Bremerhaven studying DOC and POC discharge within the Lena River and into the Laptev Sea. The samples will be analyzed by Silke Höfle as part of the German-Russian research project „CarboPerm“ funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).